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05 October 2009 @ 05:56 pm
2PM Ringtones  

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                             ♥Welcome to the 2PM Ringtones section♥
Here is the 2PM ringtones discography. All are uploaded to Mediafire.
I hope you guys do use them and show other people these tones.
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There will be not only 2PM ringtones. There will be a lot of other K-pop, C-pop and J-pop ringtones too.  So have a look and enjoy. [=
[You can take out these ringtones, i would be very happy too. But please do not remove the credit text.]

How to put them into my phone?
You have to make sure that you have a USB for your phone or memorystick. Then what you have to do is only download the ringtones and drag it into your phone.

*Ringtones part is chorus*
Please use ctrl+F to sear
ch, The mostly ringtones are list by their English title.

10 Points out of 10 Points |MF
Points out of 10 points (Old School ver.) |MF


Again & Again |MF
Again & Again (R&B Mix) |MF
Angel |MF
All Night Long NEW |MF
Back2U NEW |MF



I hate U |MF
I was Crazy about you NEW |MF
Heartbeat NEW |MF
Hate You (Lounge Mix) NEW |MF
Heartbeat (Red Light Mix) NEW |MF
Gimme the light NEW |MF


Only You |MF
Only You (Acoustic Mix) NEW |MF
Might Come Back |MF
Might Come Back (Bossa Nova Mix) NEW |MF



Tried of Waiting NEW |MF



ZIP. File
[Album] 1:59PM Album Ringtones |MF

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